21st – 22nd September 2018 / Brighthelm Centre, Brighton

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Releasing the Holy Spirit

A conference to learn how we can bring more love and more power to the people of the city that we love by doing what Jesus did. We are delighted to welcome some great speakers who are passionate about seeing those who love Jesus being equipped to minister in the power of God. It will be a conference where we will not let our own agenda get in the way, by waiting on the Holy Spirit to move. If you are hungry for more of God, want to be better equipped to move in His presence, and are prepared to take a risk and pray for people on the streets, then we think that you will love this conference.

Going onto the streets is not compulsory, but if you want to learn to do what Jesus taught, then we want to help train you.

Brighton is unique to anywhere in the UK, and is one of the most artistic and vibrant cities in the country. It is full of people from every culture and language, attracting over 12 million visitors each year. We believe that the majority of people living in and visiting the UK have never experienced the presence of God. We want, in the coming years, to change that. We would love conferences, like ours, to lead the way in changing the culture of how church works.

We are looking forward to sharing a Spirit filled, life changing, empowered weekend with you.

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Ravi Kandal

Ravi Kandal was born in Southern India and at the age of 17 gave his life to Jesus. From that time his heart has been stirred with the message that Jesus spoke to the disciples, to seek and save the lost. He is challenged with God’s heart for the poor and the untouchables of India, widows, orphans, lepers, and any who are forgotten.

Today Ravi is married to his beautiful wife Julie, and they have eight children, some adopted, who reside both in the USA and India.   Ravi is best known in the western world from Darren Wilson’s trilogy of Christian films and “Father of Lights”.  Darren follows Ravi with a camera as he follows the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the results of this leading are truly remarkable.

On one particular morning with Darren Wilson in attendance with his camera, Ravi says, he hears the voice of God tell him his mission is to find “a man with white beard, orange robe and a turban” at a specific temple. He does as the Lord says, and finds a maharishi – a guru of gurus – that perfectly fits that description.

Amazingly, the maharishi says that he has seen a God he didn’t recognize in a dream that told him to go to this temple at this day to find Ravi! Ravi then easily leads this guru of gurus to the Lord, and he becomes a passionate Christian.

Ravi is a people person with a very strong prophetic and evangelistic gift.  Come prepared to be challenged and inspired in your walk with Jesus.

Steve Barber

Steve is married to Juliet and they have two, almost, grown up children, Joel and Emma. 

Steve planted one of the first Vineyard churches in the UK in Southend Essex in 1992, where he met Juliet, who came to Christ as the church was planted.  About eight years ago they established a new church in Leicester, which is thriving and growing, as week after week they see people meeting Jesus in their services.

Steve and Juliet have served on the council of Vineyard churches in the UK, almost from its inception, supporting and overseeing the role of church planting development in the UK.  They are in a great season as a church, as they move forward into the next stage of church development.  They firmly believe they are called to help oversee and equip young leaders in the forthcoming move of God, and want, passionately, to see God’s kingdom extended with signs and wonders.

They have both known Chris, the pastor of Brighton Vineyard, for nearly thirty years, and come with a wealth of wisdom and experience.

They are excited about this conference and what the future holds for all of us.

Dave King

Dave is married to Debbie, with four grown up children.

He became a Christian in the late 1970’s at the Anaheim Vineyard, from a life of constant highs, dealing drugs and being in and out of prison.  In his own words Dave said he wasn’t really looking for God, but was dragged to church as a last resort.  He says he felt some supernatural power drawing him to the front of church, where an older lady pointed at him, and rebuked the darkness off him.  He said he gasped for breath, lurched and felt incredible energy rush through his being.  He knew immediately afterwards he was free from drugs, and for the first time in years learnt to live life without being high.  He said Jesus made him feel clean again, and he began a whole new life of following Jesus. 

Dave’s testimony isnt a straightforward testimony, but it is a testimony to the grace and mercy of God, a God who continues to change lives, and God who has never given up on him.  

He moves as you might expect in the power and presence of God, preparing churches and church leaders for the coming revival.


Friday 21st September

18:00 – Doors Open
19:00 – Main Meeting

Saturday 22nd September

09:00 – Doors Open
10:00 – Main Meeting
11:45 – Coffee Break
12:00 – Main Meeting
13:15 – Lunch Break
14:15 – Seminars
15:00 – Praying on the Streets
17:00 – Dinner Break
19:00 – Main Meeting

Sunday 23rd September

10:30 – You are more than welcome to join us for our Brighton Vineyard Church Service at BHASVIC, 205 Dyke Rd, Hove BN3 6EG.

We would love to see you there.

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Brighthelm Community Centre is located in the City Centre, a short walk from Brighton train station.

If you are driving, use any of the Churchill Square car parks as you enter the city. There are three Churchill Square multistory car parks to choose from. Brighthelm also is on many bus routes including the number 7.